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Circular Sawmills, Handset

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
16757 Indiana 01 Frick Timbertiger. 4 Headblocks. Husk on steel. Track is wood with steel guide rail. Carriage is 16'. 50' track. Capacity 22' - 25' X 40". Blades are 54" and 56". 605 cubic foot Minneapolis Moline 6 cyl engine, 5500 rpm. Includes custom built pedestals to raise sawmill off ground 2". Frick 3 blade edger with Leroi 4 cyl engine. $18,000.00
17614 Kentucky Frick Automatic 01C with Tyrone Berry Feed, air dogs, 14' carriage, 3 head blocks, 2 56" F style blades. All steel with 4 x 4 cab with controls. Right hand. Good shape. $15,000.00
17683 Kentucky 01 Frick 01 with 44’ 6” of track. Everything was in working order when taken out. Does have husk, mandrel, shaft, carriage, and cables. Was used with a power unit and ready for setup. $3,000.00
16694 Kentucky Shop Built Circular Sawmill with 56" blade. All steel, belt driven, no motor. 2 Headblocks. Mounted on wheels. $4,400.00

Maine Restored cable driven Lane circular sawmill. Portable. Set up on a mobile home trailer. 40' track. 12' carriage. All new bearings and pulleys. Shafts reworked by machine shop. New 48" Simonds inserted tooth sawblade. Comes with Ford 300 gas engine power unit. Runs smooth. $16,500.00
16881 Massachusetts Lane #1 Handset Circular Sawmill. Has 18' carriage, 52" and 54" blades, CAT diesel power, right handed. Some wood needs to be replaced.

Michigan Timberking Sawmill - M-22. Will saw 16’ Logs, Blade is 46” $2,500.00
17091 Michigan Left Hand, Hand Set Circular Mill. Wooden husk carriage, I beam track. No power. Includes blower. Carriage is about 20'. 3 Headblocks. Capacity approx 24' X 40". Has used in in last year. $2,200.00
17003 Minnesota LH Sawmill with 10' carriage, 46' track, 48" blade. All steel. Nice heavy mill. Good shape. Only 5 years in use. $8,500.00
17661 Missouri Portable Circular sawmill. 16" tires. No power, no blade $2,500.00
17401 Missouri Corley circular saw. 3 HB and air dogs and hydraulic feed. Needs new hoses and wiring. Good shape but has no power or blade. $3,000.00
17322 Montana Sears Belsaw with 40" saw blade. Capacity is 16' X 16". Has 3 holding pins with 2 settings to extend for a larger log. Has belt drive to move log thru blade. No power but has drive shaft for PTO attachment. Includes a boom welded to hoist log and added car axle and hitch to pull around yard. $3,200.00
14932 New Hampshire 1996 LaneTech #0-30, all steel, handset, right hand, 2 headblocks, 10' carriage, Glover feedworks, foot receder, two sawdust blower, 48" inserted tooth headsaw, excellent condition. Everything powered by 100 HP 3-phase power unit. $6,500.00
13000 New Hampshire Lane circular sawmill, right hand, topsaw, steel husk frame, 16" wood carriage, 3 headblocks, two 52" hardwood and softwood blades, 2 sawdust blowers, transfers and decking, Lane 2"x18" 2-saw edger, Cat D8800 Cat power unit with Pony motor. Disassembled and ready for shipping. $11,500.00
16613 New York Custom Built Handset Circular Sawmill. Right Hand Mill. Steel Husk, Steel Carriage, and Steel Track Frame. Produced by American Machinery Co in the late 1940's. Mill designed to accept up to 60" inserted tooth head saw. 4 Head Blocks. 16' Carriage. Carriage has Hydraulic Drive System and Hydraulic Piston Type Log Turner. Has been used as stationary mill for past 20 years. Kept inside. Slant 6 Cummins Diesel engine with approx 140 HP. Naturally aspirated power pack and runs mill ...
17321 New York Left Hand Ireland- Complete #6 2 saws, Grinder, PTO drive. Ready to move. $2,475.00
17405 New York American Circular Saw. Wood frame, friction drive, 3 Head Blocks, 20' carriage, 3 blades, 30' track (in 3 pieces), No power. Ready to go $1,500.00
6229 New York Lane #2, LH, log turner, Glover carriage feed, cast iron husk, 7 HB, 4 dogs plus Sawyer's Favorite, 18' carriage, 52" saw, 40" topsaw, extra saws, 13000 Cat, Lane 4x36 2 saw edger, overhead rosser, 16' end trim, sawdust blower. $12,500.00
17448 Ohio 1996 Meadows Mill #1, handset, right hand. 3 head block carriage. All steel but has some wear. Has place for 4th head block. Uses 50" blade. Cap 18' X 40". Portable with extra tire. Includes live conveyor belt and rebuilt blower attached to the mill, Jockey grinder, 1/2 moon log turner. No power.
17694 Ohio 01 Frick electric over hydraulic with new mandrill, new bearings, two 56" saw blades. Has hydraulic setworks, half moon log turner, 3 stand log deck, 4 head blocks. All steel. Chauncy electric saw sharpener. 2 sets of off bearing rollers and 3 strand log deck, not live. $20,000.00
17586 Ohio Frick 01 Right Hand Set Circular Sawmill. 20' all steel carriage with 3 head blocks. 20 lb rail track. Cuts up to 36' x 36" with a topsaw (not provided). 10' mandrill with 36" 6 groove pulley Dial gauge. Stationary. No blade. No power. $10,000.00
17024 Ohio Meadows #1 Circular Sawmill. 2 head blocks, 2 dogs, power receeder, log turner, 471 Detroit engine, Portable. $12,000.00
15833 Ohio Portable 01 Frick Sawmill. All steel with 3 headblock 15' carriage. Right hand. 56" F style insert tooth blade and 52" B style blade. Many extras like lumber carts, cant hooks. Sharpener is included. Also extra bearing for mandrel and some other extras. Everything is in fair condition. John Deere 6 cyl 150 HP diesel with 3500 hours and clean well kept engine. $18,000.00
16204 Ohio Enterprise Model 21. Handset - Right Hand, 2 Man Mill. 16' Wood Carriage and Wood Husk (original). 3 Headblocks. Flat belt drive. Cuts logs 22' long. Has babbit bearings. No power. $5,000.00
15669 Ohio 00 Frick, handset, right hand, portable on truck wheels,3-headblocks, 12' carriage, wooden carriage frame, 54" headsaw, half-moon log turner, foot receder, sawdust blower with some piping, live outfeed conveyor, five v-belts, 471 Detroit power unit, 250 gal. fuel tank. $22,000.00
17320 Ontario Oliver 3 Head Block Right Hand Set Circular Sawmill. Has heavy steel frame husk. 52" head saw. Capacity is 20' X 36". Also selling Turner 34" Edger. Capacity 34" X 4". No power. $4,000.00
17444 Oregon Handset Circular Sawmill - Will sell as complete unit or will separate components: American #1 all steel, Right hand set, 3 head blocks, portable, 14' carriage, 2 - 8' track extensions to total 47' of track. Includes 52"/56"/60" inserted tooth head saws. Also has 671 GMC diesel engine with Rockford clutch. $5,500.00
17651 Pennsylvania 0 Frick on steel frame. Right Hand, hand set with Frick carriage. Simple set up. 12' out feed rolls, 2 - 56" saws, sharpener, swedge, wrench. 671 Detroit . Cuts 4' - 16' L X 6" - 32" diameter. 3 Head blocks. 10' carriage. 56" blade. Includes hydraulic feed, hydraulic log turner and sawdust blower. $16,500.00
17093 Pennsylvania Meadows Portable Circular Sawmill, 3 Head Blocks, 10' carriage, blade size 48" and 54", all steel. Meadows 3 1/2 X 30 Edger. 6 cyl John Deere engine, 150 HP. 300 Gal fuel tank. Used very little since rebuild. Includes 24" Cornell Blower and 18" blower mounted on edger, blower pipes, 5' Jack Shaft mounted on power unit, 2 5' dead polls, hand crank filer tool, changing tool, additional used and new parts. Will sell Meadows Sawmill separately (no power) for $22,000.00
17498 Pennsylvania Meadows #1 portable mill with log turner, live deck, dead rolls, Frick 4 inch edger, 671 Detroit power unit, 3 saw blades 54 inch. $27,500.00
15463 Pennsylvania 1920's 00 Frick, handset, right hand, wood husk, new wood on carriage and track, 3 headblocks, 15' carriage, 48" and 52" inserted tooth headsaws with hand grinder and swage and insert tools, sawdust blower, 5' and 10' roller beds Includes 4"x27" Frick 2-saw edger, needs some work. Everything powered by 230 Cummins diesel power, 220 HP, still in truck frame with transmission, short drive shaft, and 250 gallon oil tank. Also includes 7000 lb log trailer 21' long X 6'-2" wide. $11,900.00
7995 Saskatchewan Watrus, LH, handset, all steel, 3 headblock, 15' carriage, two 50" headsaws, 36" topsaw, 29' live outfeed belt, sawdust blower, grinder. Coutts 4"x36" gang edger. All hydraulic and belt driven by 871 Detroit. Also includes 2 trim saws and misc. parts. $22,000.00
17738 Tennessee Foley Belsaw M14 Circular Sawmill. Right hand set. Steel runners, 2 head blocks, old wood replaced with pressure treated wood. Can be run off PTO or gas engine. Includes 2 41" blades, 2 blowers. Cap 12' X 24". $4,000.00
16976 Texas Lane #1 Handset Circular Sawmill. D6 CAT diesel engine with twin disc clutch assembly and pony motor. SA Woods 4 blade planer #24, 1909. 36" Edger mfg by The Tower. $15,000.00

Virginia 471 Detroit with Frick saw mill. Also 48 inch blade and a 56 inch blade in excellent shape that goes with this mill. Mill has live deck and hydraulic log turner. $6,500.00

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