This service is very simple and very straightforward: Your equipment is advertised throughout the United States and Canada and on this Internet site at no charge to you. If someone purchases your equipment through this service, our fee is 10% of your final selling price. If we do not find you a buyer, there is no charge. You only pay for what you sell!

How People Find You:

  • Only half the people who contact us about your equipment for sale find your ad on this web site.
  • The other half contact us from one of the many national and local magazines that we advertise in or are referred to us by someone else. We mail them paper copies of the equipment listings on this site.
  • Most of the serious buyers narrow their choices to between one and three ads before they contact us, and they make their buying decision after talking to the sellers.

What We Actually Do For You:

  • Your equipment is advertised free of charge on this web site and is mailed out monthly to people without access to the Internet.
  • We ask each person who calls about your equipment to make sure they:

Are financially capable of purchasing equipment

Know what they are buying and are currently in the market

Willing to come to your property to examine the equipment

Able to transport the equipment

  • We provide your name and telephone number only to serious buyers. We will notify you each time we provide your information, by telephone (if we can reach you) and by mail. This eliminates any doubt as to where the person found your name.
  • We are normally available before and after working hours to accommodate people who can not contact us during the day.

If you are listing multiple ads or a complete operation for sale, please email or fax your equipment information first, and we can talk after the ads are processed.

Photos will help sell your equipment. Many potential buyers will want to see photos first before traveling to your property, especially if they are a few states away. Please send them to us if you can.

The Rest Is Up To You:

  • You negotiate directly with each buyer, and the buyer pays you for the equipment. We recommend that you only accept a cashier's check from the buyer and that you do not let the equipment off your property until you are paid in full.
  • Only after the transaction between you and the buyer is complete do you pay us. Our fee is 10% of your final selling price. There is a minimum commission for lower priced and harder to sell equipment. Just call us for details.
  • Again, if we don't find you a buyer, there is absolutely no charge to you. Our no-risk advertising policy assures that you only pay for what you sell!

If you want to advertise your equipment for sale, our toll free number is 1-800-459-2148.