Used Tilt Hoist

Tilt Hoist

Wolcottville, IN

3 strand, 10' wide, working condition Make: Unknown | Stock number: 9920 | Updated at: 2024-05-06 15:09:22 UTC

$6,250 (USD)

Used log trough

log trough

Wolcottville, IN

chain is 11" wide , trough is 38' long, electric gear box drive, 1 set of kickers, heavy duty and...

$17,250 (USD)

Used waste conveyor

waste conveyor

Wolcottville, IN

ladderback chain,18" wide pan x 33' long, 12" sides, electric gear box drive, was used on incline...

$4,000 (USD)

Used Waste Conveyor

Waste Conveyor

Wolcottville, IN

36" wide x 28' long, steel slat conveyor for slabs etc., very good condition Make: Unknown | Stock number: 9996

$5,000 (USD)

Used Log Trough

Log Trough

Wolcottville, IN

50"x 22' overall, air cylinder log clamp down, electric drive, WR124 chain w/cleats, air cylinder...

$14,300 (USD)

Used Paddle Chain Conveyor

Paddle Chain Conveyor

Wolcottville, IN

3" x 13" paddles, 16" pan, 15" sides, electric drive, 20" x 68' long, good condition Make: Unknown | Stock n...

$9,750 (USD)

Used Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor

Wolcottville, IN

15" ladder back chain, 24" pan, 16" sides, 32" x 53' electric drive, good condition Make: Unknown | Stock nu...

$7,500 (USD)

Used Waste conveyor

Waste conveyor

Wolcottville, IN

10"x60' waste conveyor H78 chain with paddles, electric drive ,includes new chain Make: Unknown | Stock numb...

$8,500 (USD)