Bühler Aeroglide Twin 13 X 60 Gas Fired Rotary Dryers #19972

Bühler Aeroglide Twin 13 X 60 Gas Fired Rotary Dryers #19972

$2,500,000 (USD)

South Carolina

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Complete Rotary Drying System - Aeroglide twin 13' X 60' natural gas fired rotary dryers with cooling drum - Based on dual 13′ X 60′ triple-pass rotary drum dryers with trunnion and drives with motors - including 70 million btu natural gas burners - max thermal output of 42.200.000 kj/h - discharge cyclone, multi-clones, fans with motors, stack, all relating ducting and steel structure - These dryers are fired with natural gas or propane - Main cyclone at discharge of dryer has 3.66m diameter, secondary multicyclones (8/dryer) are 1.07m diameter each, stack is 37m above grade - Volumetric airflow rated 30.68 cubic meter/second - Equipment plant drawing, manuals and blueprints available when a deposit is made - We priced out a new system using all the separate pieces at $6.8million dollars. Our price is $2.5 million standing in place. We can remove loaded on a truck for $250,000. Call 800-459-2148 for more info.


ModelAeroglide Twin 13 X 60 Gas Fired Rotary Dryers
Stock number19972
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