Buying Equipment?

This service is simple and straightforward. This service to buyers is free. Buyers purchase directly from the sellers, and the sellers pay our fee. Our intent is to try to make sure you have good information so you can make informed decisions.

Most people can’t always know everything there is to know about sawmill equipment. This is why we try to BRIEFLY talk with people interested in buying equipment about both the good and bad points of the equipment you are interested in.

If you are new to the industry, we can try to assist you in deciding which equipment may be best for you.

If you are an “old hand” at sawmilling, we can get you in touch with the sellers quickly.

If you are also selling equipment, you may have questions of us, and we may need to clarify some information about your ad.

After you have looked over the ads and have picked out the equipment you are interested in, please make your first contact to Sawmill Exchange by telephone. Phone calls normally get priority over emails as we try to explain the pros and cons of the equipment to help people make informed decisions.

We operate this way because it's good business. It empowers the buyer with good information, it saves the seller time and effort, and it lets us show that we treat people honestly and fairly. Win-win all the way around.