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Circular Sawmills, Handset

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
18370 Iowa
All steel with 48" blade, B series. 3 head blocks, carriage approx 50'. 75 HP electric motor. Friction drive. Last used about 5 years ago. Unable to demonstrate. $5000 OBO.
18839 New Hampshire Lane #1
$3800.00. Lane #1 handset carriage with feedworks and shaft. Also edger, and Chase sawdust blower. Was stored under cover until recently. 52 inch inserted tooth saw in good condition. No power.
18860 New York 1950 Ireland
Ireland #8 circle mill. Steel husk with 2 7/16" mandrel. 52" Simonds circle blade with BF pattern and extra insert carbide teeth and 6" saw collar. 45' Carriage tracks, 16' carriage with four headblocks with tapers and hand dogs. Can saw 24' logs. Foot operated power receder, hand and powered setworks with settings figureboard. 75' Flat belt drive with pulleys. Four 10' outfeed roller sections. Sawdust blower with belts and pulleys. Foundation blueprints. Can run off tractor PTO belt pulley ...
18032 New York Ireland
Ireland, right hand, 45' track. all steel track and carriage. 4 Head blocks, 52" Simonds blade in good condition. Has power receeder but no power. Needs 150 HP engine. Last used in May/June 2017. Production 5000 bf a day. Has 4 groove 30" C pulley on mandrel shaft . Still set up but cannot demonstrate because of no power. Was rebuilt about 6 years ago.
18975 Ohio Frick
Frick 1 with 52" blade, 40' rails, 3 head block carriage. Combo wood and steel. Allis 6 cyl Diesel engine with triple cone clutch 5 V belt drive with approx 1200 hours.
17651 Pennsylvania Frick
0 Frick on steel frame. Right hand. Simple set up. 22' out feed rolls, 56" saw, 3 Head blocks. 10' carriage. hydraulic feed, log turner, blower, log deck. 2 1/4" X 24" 2 saw edger with Honda motor. Will sell 8.3 Cummins power unit for $8500.00 in addition to $15,500.00.
18982 South Carolina Frick
00 Frick, 50" blade, electric motor, 3 phase, cast iron. Early 1900s.
17738 Tennessee Foley Belsaw M14
Foley Belsaw M14 Circular Sawmill. Right hand set. Steel runners, 2 head blocks, old wood replaced with pressure treated wood. Can be run off PTO or gas engine. Includes 2 41" blades, 2 blowers. Cap 12' X 24".
18920 Texas
Bell Mill saws 18" logs, PTO operated. Left hand set. 36" blade. 20' carriage. 2 head blocks. All steel. Last used several years ago. Can be hauled on a trailer.
18961 Texas Frick Timbertiger
Frick Timbertiger with 14' carriage, 4 head blocks, 60' track, feed works.
18962 Texas
Circular Hand Set Mill: 2 head block handset mill on 8" beam frame and hooks to hitch with 471 Detroit and Frick edger.
18786 Virginia Jackson Lumber Harvester
Jackson Lumber Harvester with 5 head blocks and 17' carriage. PTO run with International Tractor B414. Total length of mill is 35'. 53" blade. Has sawdust conveyor. Left hand set. Not portable. Tractor included.
18976 Wisconsin American Sawmill Co 1 Steel
Circular Sawmill with 4 blades with insert tooth. Electric conveyor. Saw dust blower. American Sawmill Co model 1 steel. Has original manuals. 50' track, carriage with 3 Head Blocks, includes custom I beam loading ramps, 9' electric conveyor, 8' roller track, 56" and 54" blade, tooth changing tool, and additional teeth. Chevy 350 V8 gas engine. Homemade muffler system for engine and engine runs quietly.

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