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Resaws, Single Head

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
15371 British Columbia
Custom built horizontal/vertical 8"x12" twin band resaw, purchased brand new and never run, designed to run one vertical and one horizontal band in tandem for resawing cants into specialty products, 8" live infeed belt with side-press rollers and side belt, 24" bandwheels, set up for 3" bands, two 25 HP 3-phase motors 550V on the bands, 10 HP hydraulic power pack. Canadian $13,000.00

8513 British Columbia
2002 Povlsen 20"x20"" single head band resaw with complete runaround, 28" x 3" thick steel wheels, runs 1 ½" to 3" blades, 25HP 3-phase, hydraulic setworks, potentiometer, 24" x 16’ friction in feed belt with variable speed control, weighted hold down wheels for the in feed & out feed, resaws down to 1/8" thickness. Includes high capacity resaw transfer system: In feed deck assembly consists of 16’ x 16’ x 8’ 3-strand hydraulic infeed deck,5’ x 20’ steel walkway, 36" x 4 roller arm belt/lifting transfer,14" x 24’ speed belt trough,24’ ...

Kentucky Go Fast
Go Fast Horizontal Resaw System. Powered roll case - transfer cants to infeed accumulation deck to resaw infeed roll case out feed roll case with board moving straight out to sorting chain and transfer cant, (4) strand transfer deck back to return roll case for resaw. Infeed deck to resaw infeed rollcase is (4) strand with series of stops to index cants to infeed rollcase. Go Fast Horizontal Resaw (bottom cut) with Wood-Mizer saw guide system. (3) Hydraulic ...

Michigan Kent
Kent Resaw with live return/run around. Cap 16" grade lumber, 2 decks and 1 is live, No power. Cap 16" X 16". 32" steel band wheels.
16894 New York
Custom Built Single Head Resaw with complete runaround. Line shaft ready. 8'6" width X 24' Long. Capacity 12" X 12" X 16'. 'Amish Ready'.
18039 Ohio 2009 Hershberger
2009 Hershberger Manufactured Resaw. Heavy duty build grade resew with adjustable band head. Runs 2" blade. On 40" Brewco wheels. Handles 15" X 15" x 16' long squares. It has a floating head so that it makes uniform boards. Has bearing slides for up and down. consistently cuts 15000 bf a day. Has movable outside guide. Good condition. Includes fuel dripper for blade. Currently in operation and can demonstrate.

Pennsylvania Morgan
Morgan Single Head Resaw with return. Lineshaft ready. Can cut up to 4' with return. If greater than 4', the return can be removed and flip cants over on return belt. No power. Band length: 13'2". Width: 1 1/4". 5 ' in feed, 6" width and 4' out feed. Available in September. Good condition.
17766 Pennsylvania Kent
Kent Resaw 12" x 12" cants, single head, 1 man operation. No power. Amish Ready.
17747 Pennsylvania
12" x 12" Grade Lumber Resaw. Custom built. Good condition. 26" wheels, variable feed, easy moveable head.
16880 Pennsylvania
Vertical Resaw: COT Linebar Resaw. Fully equipped and ready to work! Includes all hydraulic units, motors, and electrical components. 3 phase electric power. Has 10" bands and 6' solid wheels. Complete runaround. About 11 extra bands. Can produce 100,000 bf per day.
7554 Texas
Customized high production resaw, air over hydraulic, modular, precision machined, 20 HP 3-phase w/soft starts. Handles 9"x17" cants. Cuts down to 3/4". Includes 36" band wheels, 7 feed rollers, 3 top-mounted hold down pressure rollers, and all electrical.

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