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Circular Sawmills, Automatic

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
17642 Alabama 2003 Meadows Mills Circular Saw. $60,000.00 OBO. Meadows #2 Deluxe LH 3 HD block 15' carriage, 48' track. Meadows 20-4132-03. Steele husk, 2 15/16" mandel. 8 belt drive. 100 HP MTR. Hydraulic feed works, mass computerized setworks. 17"/13" offbeater belt. Steele sawyers cab w/ac and heat. Meadows 120 HP up or down log turner. 5 1/2 X 42'2 strand heavy duty log infeed deek w hydraulic stop and loader. (6" x 2" roller chain with electric drive.) Benshaw- size 4 soft start. 56" insert tooth blade. $60,000.00
13853 Alaska Salem tie mill, automatic, computer setworks needs to be replaced, portable on dual axle trailer, 2 headblocks, air dogs need replacing, 12' carriage, operator cab, offbearer belt, no power. $30,000.00
6591 Alaska 01C Frick, Helle automatic setworks, Renco 6" vertical edger, Mellott cab w/heat, tapers, 4 headblocks, 15' carriage. 275 HP 671 Detroit power. $20,000.00
16492 Alberta Circular Sawmill: Economizer Small Log Mill. Cuts rough logs < 10" diameter. 4 chipper heads - belt driven set with hydraulic. Capacity for cants is 2" X 2" to 6" X 6". 230 HP 6 cyl Perkins diesel c/w air and hydraulics. Automatic in feed system. Powered out feed. 400 hours for mill. 200 hours on diesel. Mounted on rectangle tube trailer c/w 2 x 7000# axles. Powerful blower located in mill shrouding and air compressor with reservoir located in frame. Extra heads and chipper knives. ... $60,000.00
13654 British Columbia Morbark 30" automatic mill, right hand, live infeed deck with stop & load, sawyer's cab, 3 headblocks, rebuilt 16' carriage, two 52" inserted tooth headsaws, Cummins 60 HP diesel power unit, two 100 HP 600V electric motors and two hydraulic pumps. $95,000.00
California (Central) Morbark MorPack with topsaw and Meadows 2-saw vertical edger, right hand, portable on factory axle, 20' 4-strand infeed with stop & load, 4 headblocks, 14' carriage, 54" headsaw, 2 extra 36" topsaws, 2 extra edger saws, 150 HP 3-phase on headsaw, 50 HP 3-phase on topsaw, 50 HP on vertical edger, operator cab, computer setworks, tooth grinder, changing tools, 1000 extra teeth, 36" x 24' long outfeed rolls with lumber stop and lumber kickers, 30' sawdust conveyor and 30' barnsweep, 50' 4-strand greenchain, Morbark 56" 3-knife chipper, 20... $275,000.00
15958 Colorado American Lumber 2 sawmill. Has been producing for past 35 years. 20' carriage, 60' track set up in 20' sections (that can be taken apart), Frame is set up with 8" channel iron frame. There are 2 48" saw blades: 1 Stahl 3, 8-9 gauge; 1 Stahl B, 8-9 gauge. Cat D4600 power unit (diesel). Corly 3 saw edger that is powered by case power unit.
16841 Connecticut Chase Automatic Sawmill. 14’ Carriage, 48’ Track, Silvatech Setworks, Chase hydraulic feed, 150 HP Motor, starter , and disconnect. Chain turner, Chase raise and lower conveyor, 4 strand, Off bearing belts, Continuous steel sub-frame. Always under cover. 52” saw. Will load and arrange delivery. $22,500.00
17630 Indiana CMC Circular Sawmill. Completely hydraulic, automatic. 4 head blocks, top saw, out feed, vertical edger, removable resaw, lumber carts, 3 strand green chain. $45,000.00
16356 Kansas 1997 Edmiston Hydraulic Circular Sawmill. Last operated in June 2014 and ready to load and go. Mill is complete. Log capacity: 36" x 16', Computer setworks, 55' Track, Stop and load log deck, Chain log turner, 20' Outfeed rolls, (2) 30" Top saws, (3) 56" Bottom Saws, 125 HP Electric Motor. Includes Vertical edger with (3) blades (all moveable) and 50 HP Motor $50,000.00

Kentucky Complete sawmill includes 18' 3 strand log deck, hydraulic chain type log turner, 46' steel track, 16' carriage, 4 head blocks, air dogs, air kickers, automatic setworks, Tyrone Berry feed, 20 foot off bearer belt, Circle saw, Husk, hydraulic pak, air compressor, air tank. $20,000.00
17167 Kentucky 2014 Hurdle Circular Sawmill. Fully Hydraulic with heavy duty log turner. All steel, cant kickers, hammered dogs, joy stick, log decks. 900 hours. Does not include power.
8719 Massachusetts Sanborn 42" automatic circular sawmill, right hand, all steel, hydraulic shotgun feed, 16' carriage, 4 headblocks, pantograph, complete topsaw assembly with 30 HP 3-phase motor. No headsaw or topsaw blades. Some 3-phase motors available. Nearly $200,000.00 new. $45,000.00
13979 Massachusetts Cardinal automatic sawmill, electric over hydraulic, right hand, 20' 3-strand infeed deck, hydraulic variable speed feed, hydraulic 12' carriage, 3 headblocks with hydraulic dogs, last cut down to 2", 52" inserted tooth headsaw, hydraulic 198, 3208 Cat diesel power unit. $18,500.00
17494 Michigan Custom Built Automatic Circular Sawmill built on Meadows #1 foundation. Right hand mill, 2 head blocks, 28", 8' carriage. No power. Cap is 10' X 29", 12-16000 bf per day. 12 V over air and hydraulic. 2 - 52" blades. Recently removed from service. These are added features: hex rails on guide rails, UMHW wheel inserts on carriage, JS air dogs with hydraulic set works, turbo turners. $10,000.00
16654 Missouri Meadows #2 Circular Sawmill with 3 headblocks, 12' carriage, 100 Hp/ 3 phase/480 V motor, 2 Helle Hydraulic dogs, Saw Tech Computer Setworks, 7 56" blades. Allen & Bradley Soft Starter. Jackson 18' 2 strand log deck with stop & load. $35,000.00
13296 North Carolina 1985 Edmiston automatic mill, right hand, 4 headblocks, 4 automatic dogs, 16' carriage, saw cab, 3-strand 18' log deck, 150 HP 3-phase electric. No blade. Completely factory refurbished. Includes Morbark 48" 3-knife chipper, horizontal feed, top discharge, 150 HP 3-phase electric. All electrical with starters and wall panel included. Also includes extra parts and components. $32,500.00
12576 Ontario 2002 KARA Master with top saw, 16' 3-strand live deck with stop & load, 5 blades and Simonds 48" insert tooth saw, complete hammering room. $55,000.00
17210 Pennsylvania 1974 HMC model 44 Automatic Circular Sawmill. Fair condition. 350 kw Onan Genset, Cornell 36" edger, Debarker, Misc parts and tools included. $75,000.00
14935 Pennsylvania Sawmill Operation: 40" CLEREMAN carriage with top saw, automatic, electric over air, right hand, 40 3-strand log deck with stop & load, 3 headblocks, 16' carriage, sawyer cab, Tyrone Berry feedworks, two 56" headsaws, 36" top saw, Mellott hydraulic log turner, 36" sawdust blower, SCHURMAN 6" x 36" combination gang edger/board edger, laser lights, at extra saws and spacers, infeed and outfeed decks, 36" sawdust blower, 150 HP 3-phase power. CORNELL automatic 2-saw trimmer, 18" blades, 3-phase power with hydraulic power packs. MELLOTT 40' vibrating infeed ... $78,000.00
17550 Virginia Salem 3 head block sawmill with tong dog, Salem set works, heated and cooled cab, Mallot chain log turner, 24 foot four strand log deck with hydraulic stop and load, 2 56" saw blades that are in EXCELLENT condition (just came from saw shop), saw husk with 36" sawdust blower and pipe and off conveyor and 125 hp motor. 16" slab dump conveyor. Tyrone Berry hydraulic carriage drive and 25 hp air compressor. $55,000.00
3327 Wisconsin Wendt circular sawmill, mid 90's. electric over hydraulic, 4 presets, dual controls, 48" headsaw, clearance for 56" saw, 4 headblocks-3 live, 31" opening, 12' carriage, 44' track, live deck w/stop&load, chain type log turner, sawdust chain, no power. Sawed less than 10,000 ft. Always under cover. $19,900.00

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