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Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
18337 Alabama Diehl D-8
Diehl 4 head moulder still in use and can be shown running. 15 HP top and bottom and 7.5 HP side heads. Set up bench as well as jointing bars and misc tooling to be sold with the machine.
18305 Kansas Hermance
Hermance 10" moulder. model 50, ball bearing, selling with 20 HP electric motor 3 phase, but it can also be set up line shaft. upgraded to corrugated heads - 4 heads. Does not include knives. It is setup for pannelling. Does include straight knives.
16224 Kentucky 1999 SCMI Superset 23
SCMI Superset 23, Year 1999. 5 Head Moulder. 5 X 9. Converted to line shaft by Hoover Repair. Excellent condition.
17727 Michigan Smithway
XL Smithway 4 sided moulder. Set up for flooring. 2" x 4" capacity. Other profiles and knives included. Line Shaft Ready. Good condition.
18005 Ontario Wadkin
Wadkin 6 head moulder FD 431 6" capacity 575v. Suitable for lineshaft. US$ $1800
18334 Ontario 2004 Wood-Mizer M4885SP
2004 Wood-Mizer Five Head Moulder, model M4885SP. 3 phase electric with 460 Volt/60 Hz 200 MM. $14,500.00 US
16762 Oregon Weinig H22-BL
1981 Weinig Moulder. Capacity 5" X 9". Has chain stacker and chain end feed. 480 v, 3 phase.
17242 Tennessee Newman
Newman 48 4 sided Moulder/Planer. Sell or trade for construction equipment.

18559 Texas 1987 Weinig Unimat 22A
1987 Weinig Moulder Unimat 22A. Has 6 heads. Three phase electric with phase converter. 550 v with step down transformer to 480v.
18268 Texas 1984 Weinig U22 AL
WEINIG U22AL 5-Head Feed Through Moulder. Electric: The motors are dual voltage, machine wired for 480 volt Head sequence: Groover/Surface Planer- (7.5 kw) 10HP 1st Right Side- (7.5kw) 10HP Left Side- (7.5kw) 10 HP Top- HP (15kw) 20 HP Bottom-HP (11kW) 15HP 5 Spindles: All 1-13/16" diameter Feed: Feed drive- (7.5kw) 10 HP Motorized raise-and-lower of overhead feed beam: Lift unit motor HP (.55Kw) .74 HP Shipping/Transportation: We have a fork lift on site to help load, but you ...
17955 Texas 1981 Weinig U17A
WEINIG U17A 7-Head Feed Through Moulder with Hopper Feed 6972 Tauberbischofsheim, Made in Germany 1981, Machine no. 1287-1939 Working Capacity: 6-3/4” x 4-3/4” Electric: The machine itself is dual voltage 230/460 so are all the motors, the label from the factory says it was wired 230 voltage but the control transfer is physically wired for 460 so we think the machine has been converted to 460, the overloads on it confirm that, so does the delta configuration on the motors. ...
18262 Texas Pao MACC
Pao MACC Moulding splitter This machine is unarguably one of the strongest, most flexible, and most reliable available on the market. The machine is built with a solid structure of steel plate and tubular elements, electrically welded together to provide a high degree of solidity and stability. Composition of the machine: 1- In-feed Conveyor chain with side guides and sprung upper guide pulleys 2- Splitting Station with 7.5 Hp Motor 3- Adjustable moulding separating station 4- ...

Wisconsin Foley
Foley 65 profile grinder - 3 phase, small motor.

Wisconsin 1980 Wood-Mizer M485SP
Wood-Mizer 5 head Moulder with 40 knife patterns. Dedicated heads for tongue and groove, a dedicated roughin head. Includes a custom made sander and set up table for heads. Assorted sizes of heads: 9", 7", 4".
17984 Wisconsin
4 sided Moulder, PTO driven. Knives for 6" and 8" log siding. Last used several years ago. Photos are not available.

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