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Band Sawmills, Hydraulic

This category of portable sawmills features the most labor-saving devices that minimize the workload and maximize production. The more expensive models normally have larger power units and other accessories designed for higher daily production. New models with a trailer package generally cost between $16,000.00 and $32,000.00.

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)

Alabama 2017 TimberKing 2200
$38,500.00. 2017 Timberking 2200 Fully Hydraulic with 49 HP Kubota Diesel. In-line Debarker. 2053 hours. Cap 24' x 36". Used as stationary mill and covered when not in use. Original owner. Manufacturer 3 year warranty good until October 2020.
18735 Connecticut 2002 Timber Harvester 36HTE25
2002 Timber Harvester 36HTE25, 24' track, fully hydraulic, remote control with 100' cord, debarker, extra blades, 25 HP 3-phase, around 150 hours. Includes WoodMaster 725 ProPak moulder/ripsaw/sander, 100 hours.
18587 Georgia Jocar
Jocar horizontal band saw with line bar feed system. Very good shape. $60,000.00
19038 Illinois 1995 Wood-Mizer LT 40 HD
$22,000.00. 1995 Wood-Mizer LT40, Hydraulic, Portable. This mill has been completely refurbished including professional paint job. Wood-Mizer has calibrated mill and it is in running condition. Includes a 12' extension (cut 28'), extra parts and blades. Machine stored inside. Original Onan engine with approx 1700 hours.
18327 Indiana 2007 Wood-Mizer LT70 Hydraulic
$33,500.00. 2007 Wood-Mizer LT 70 Hydraulic with 240v 3 phase electric with 12v hydraulics, Accuset II, debarker and lots of extra parts, board edger with 16 HP engine with one movable blade plus extra blades, 20” radial arm cutoff saw with extra blades, 24”x 10’ conveyor with 240 v 3 phase electric. Cooks band sharpener and setter, also band roller.
18994 Kentucky Select 3620
Select 3620 4" double cut, 7700 hours. 68 HP John Deere diesel. Hanchett sharpener equipment, 25 blades - slightly used. Computer set works. Cap 20' x 36". Portable.

19090 Kentucky 2016 Cook's AC36
$36,500. 2016 Cooks AC36 Portable Hydraulic Band Mill. 65 HP Deutz diesel engine with 500 hours. Cap 16' x 36". Computer set works, debarker, extra post. Extra blades and misc parts. Stored inside.

Kentucky 2008 Wood-Mizer LT40
$28,500.00. 2008 Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic. Portable. 51 HP diesel engine. Computer set works, Debarker, Board Drawback, Lubemizer. Serviced by Wood-Mizer in November 2019. Good condition and ready to work. Includes like new Wood-Mizer BMS 250 auto sharpener and dual tooth setter and lots of spare parts, 50+ bands.

Kentucky 2015 Wood-Mizer LT70 Super Hydraulic
Wood-Mizer LT70 super hydraulic 2015, 3288 hours. 55 HP Yanmar diesel. New parts, no maintenance needed. Trailer package. Cap 21' X 32". Last used a few months ago.
19028 Kentucky Baker
$39,000.00. Baker Hydraulic Sawmill with Wood-Mizer Edger and Generator. Baker Hydraulic Sawmill, 36-30. Either 2004 or 2005. Fully hydraulic with all standard features. 3 phase electric with 30 HP motor. Has hydraulic power pack for toe rolls, log turner, post. Wood-Mizer Edger model 200. possibly 2010. 2500 hours. run with generator. 15 HP 3 phase. Generator 90 KW 400-410 hours.

Missouri 2006 Wood-Mizer LT300
$18,500. 2006 Wood-Mizer LT300. 30 HP 3 phase electric. Brand new feed motor, gear box, up/down motor, extra parts, cab and pantograph. Stored inside until 2 months ago. Phase converter available for extra $.
19026 Missouri 2017 TimberKing 2000
$34,000.00. 2017 TimberKing 2000, Portable and Hydraulic. Kohler 37 HP gas engine. 800 hours. Includes new and used blades, 2 log cants, dust collector, extra belts, wheel belts and fuel filters. Cap 20' x 36".
18986 Missouri Custom
Custom built 54" Hydraulic Band Mill on heavy flatbed trailer. Bands are 28' X 8" wide and can also use 6" bands, Includes: built in air compressor, hydraulic cable carriage drive, extra hydraulic pump with cooler, hydraulic bar type log turner. Carriage opening is 44" and is Corley brand. Air motor type setworks. Heavy duty head blocks, good condition.
18388 New Brunswick Heartwood
Bandsaw Mill – Heartwood Saw Co. Electric 550V 3 phase, 6 inch double cut (down and back) Electronic Setworks Capacity 18 Feet – 40 Inch diameter Fully Hydraulic log turner, and log levelers at both ends. Complete sharpening and maintenance equipment. Sawdust removal equipment. 18 Inch Board Edger 12 Foot Double End Trimmer Saw is in very good condition Price $42,000 Canadian Would sell as a turnkey operation, ready to operate.
18979 New York 2012 TimberKing 1400
$14,000.00. 2012 TimberKing model 1400. Great Shape not used much. Low hours. 25 HP Briggs & Stratton gas engine. Has added hydraulics, loaders, log turners, log stops. Similar to 1600 model. Original owner. Last used about 6 months ago. Selling because he wants to upgrade. Stored inside winter.
19050 North Carolina Baker BBSO
Baker Hydraulic with Kubota diesel 33 HP. Hydraulic log lifter and log turner. Used about a year ago. 24' x 30". Trailer package with new tires. 2338 hours.
18859 Ohio 2002 Timber Harvester 36HT25
$27,000.00. Timber Harvester fully hydraulic portable band mill. Model 36HT25, Year 2002. Features: 32 HP Kubota diesel with 1482 hours, Computer set works, Debarker, Blade Lube system. Cap 36" x 20'. Kept under cover. Good condition. Includes about 25 used blades.

Ohio 2018 Baker 3665D
$58,000.00. 2018 Baker 3665D Hydraulic Band Mill with 65 HP Cummins Diesel engine with 1024 hours. Portable with trailer package. Includes upgrades: cooks roller guides, lumber tiger debarker head, brand new hydraulic pump, cooks drip system. Manuals included.
18838 Ohio 2012 Wood-Mizer LT70
$32,000.00. 2012 Wood-Mizer LT70, fully hydraulic and portable. Electric motor. Has hydraulic log turner, dogs, and log loader. Approx 8300 hours. Has de-barker and computer setworks. Last used about 6 months ago. Unable to demonstrate. Includes custom built 10' live deck 2 strand with electric drive.
19096 Pennsylvania
Custom Built Portable Band Mill. 18' bed length plus also 10' bed extension. 26" cutting width. 13 HP Honda with electric start on saw head. 5.5 HP Honda with electric start on hydraulic system. Hydraulic log loader, log turner, log dogs, and stops.
19092 Pennsylvania 2015 Baker BP Dominator
$58,000. 2015 Baker Hydraulic Sawmill model 3650E. BP Dominator. Stationary mill with 50 HP electric motor. Fully hydraulic over electric. Computer set works and sawyers stand with controls. Cap 36" x 20'. Includes laser, de barker, take off beltway hoses to run live deck and controls and hoses to connect to the live deck.
18987 Pennsylvania Breezewood
$19,500.00. MOTIVATED SELLER! Breezewood Band Mill with 38 HP Kubota Diesel and 3500 hours. Hydraulic drive, feed, and up/down. Operator seat. Cap 31' x 30". Includes debarker, 10 new blades, 8 used blades, 2 new band wheels, and extra bearings/belts/misc parts. Always stored under cover.

19022 Quebec 2000 Heartwood 310
$35,000.00. 2000 Heartwood model 310, 6 inch double cut with 75 HP electic motor. Band saw complete with Hydraulic in and out lift and table. Saw was used for a short period and stored inside for the last 14 years.
19027 South Carolina 2005 Timberking 1600
$15,500.00. 2005 TimberKing 1600. Portable. Low hours. 25 HP Kohler gas engine. No maintenance needed. Has essential hydraulics of blade feed, blade up/down, log loader, Cap 17' x 36".

18878 South Carolina 2006 Baker 36-30
$29,500. 2006 Baker 36-30, 3 phase 30 HP electric motor for saw head, 10 HP hydraulic power unit. Log capacity 36" x 24'.


Texas 2017 Turner Mills
2017 Turner Mills Custom Portable Band Sawmill. 24' x 40". Fully Hydraulic. Cook's blade guides. 36 HP Subaru/Honda Gas Engine with Hydraulic Pump. Carriage 25'. Band length is 13'11" and 1 1/2" wide. Hydraulic turner, loader, stops, toe boards x 2. 30' long and weighs 1800 lbs. 2015 Lucas 6" model 6-14. 14 HPVanguard gas engine. Cap 20' X 60". Extensions for 20' curing length, 4 blades, tool box, and sharpener. Weighs about 1000lbs JCB 530 B 9000# Telescoping Forklift. mfg 1984 Approx. Perkins diesel 4 cylinder engine. New injection ...

Texas 2012 TimberKing 1400
$14,000. 2012 TimberKing 1400 with hydraulic blade feed up/down, Clutch engages with a switch, winch assist loader with ramps, and winch can raise/lower the log spinner. 25 HP Kohler gas engine. Low hours. Includes about a dozen blades, cant hook, various snatch blocks and clevis, tapered log jack/platform, loading ramps, manuals, etc.
18483 Vermont Unknown
This mill has a 20ft. carriage, is powered by a Ford 351 gas engine. Can be set up band or circular saw. Hydraulic and electric. It has been stored in a covered trailer, ready to move to your location.

Washington 2017 Wood Mizer LT 15 Wide
$21,000.00. 2017 Wood-Mizer LT15 wide with custom heavy duty trailer, log lifter, log clamp, super hydraulic box, chain log turner, stainless bunk guards, 26 HP Kohler command engine with 140 amp alternator. All professional installed. One of a kind. All components purchased from Woodmizer. Four hours operation, like new. Cap 36" x 21'.
19091 Washington State 2017 Baker BBS-O 3650
$32,000. 2017 Baker BBS-0 3650. Fully Hydraulic. Kept under cover. Electric, In new condition under 100 hours of total use. Will saw 40 ft in length x 36".

West Virginia 2002 Wood-Mizer LT40
2002 Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic with Remote, Accuset II and Debarker. Hydraulic dogs and 2nd hydraulic pump. Mill has approx 8600 hours. 35 HP Kohler gas engine with 1000 hours. Cap 20'4" x 36". Mill ran daily until July 2019.

Wisconsin 1996 TimberKing B20
$15,000.00. 1996 TimberKing B20 Portable Hydraulic Band Sawmill. 29 HP Vanguard gas engine. 5 HP gas engine for hydraulics. Portable with 6 sidewinder jacks for levelling. Hydraulic log loader, hydraulic log stops, hydraulic bi-directional log turner, hydraulic chain drive for cutting head, hydraulic feed (up-down), 2 hydraulic roller toe boards, 3 hydraulic log stops, hydraulic log clamps. Cap 34" x 20'. Approx 800 hours. Extra blades. Cuts nice and straight. Not much wear.

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