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Band Mill Tools

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)

Alabama 2003 Meadows Mills Circular Saw. $60,000.00 OBO. Meadows #2 Deluxe LH 3 HD block 15' carriage, 48' track. Meadows 20-4132-03. Steele husk, 2 15/16" mandel. 8 belt drive. 100 HP MTR. Hydraulic feed works, mass computerized setworks. 17"/13" offbeater belt. Steele sawyers cab w/ac and heat. Meadows 120 HP up or down log turner. 5 1/2 X 42'2 strand heavy duty log infeed deek w hydraulic stop and loader. (6" x 2" roller chain with electric drive.) Benshaw- size 4 soft start. 56" insert tooth blade. $60,000.00

Connecticut Wood-Mizer resaw attachment, fits models LT15 to LT40. $800.00

Kentucky Frick Automatic 01C with Tyrone Berry Feed, air dogs, 14' carriage, 3 head blocks, 2 56" F style blades. All steel with 4 x 4 cab with controls. Right hand. Good shape. $15,000.00

Michigan Kent Resaw with live return/run around. Cap 16" grade lumber, 2 decks and 1 is live, No power. Cap 16" X 16". 32" steel band wheels. $10,500.00
16768 Michigan Assorted Band Mill Tools: Suffolk Dual Tooth Setter. Automatic, Electric Sharpener. Band-Saw-Tooth Set Gauge. $3,125.00
17537 Mississippi 2007 Woodmizer Industrial 20ft log deck. Used with LT70 for approx 3000 hours. Can be attached to LT40HD, LT50, LT70, or any of the bigger mills. Good condition. Last used in 2012 or 13. Have kept chain oiled while not in use. $7,300.00
17456 Ohio Brewer Double Arbor Gang Rip Saw with planer head. Complete with spacers, blades, planer knives, and new blades still in box. Set up for diesel power hook up. $18,500.00

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