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Resaws, Runaround

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
18044 Kentucky Keystone
Keystone grade run around resaw. Takes 16" x 16" squares. Hydraulic head up and down. Hydraulic feed. New cooks roller guides. 36" steel wheels just recrowned. 8' roof top green chain. Works good with cutting barn beams with 1 person. Willing to trade for fully hydraulic band mill.

17594 Kentucky Filer and Stowel
6' Filer and Stowell Band Resaw mechanical stain with electrical top wheel lift. 12' Letson Burpee line bar 12' x 26" rolls cap with Tempsonics setworks. 25' in feed roll case 4 strand flitch positioned 4 strand with saddle turner. 49' out feed roll case 36" rolls with shifting splitter fence with (2) 4 arm transfers and 4 strand lumber transfer on on end of roll case. 150 HP motor on band mill. 15 HP hydraulic unit, 10 HP hydraulic unit. Cooling system for hydraulic ...

16554 Michigan Fast Line Gator 204
Fast Line Gator 204 Resaw with runaround, cuts 14" - 14" cants. Runaround will cut up to 16' stock. Includes a 6 cylinder Cummins with Rockford clutch, hooked to power pack and pumps 66 gpm. Hooked up with lineshaft but also has electric motor. Set up behind portable mill with rollers behind band mill which go to an unscrambler and then to runaround. 24' green chain included.

17488 Virginia West Plains 500 Series
Complete grade run around system. Includes cab, controls and 22 - 5" bands.

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