CIII Industries Stain Boss

CIII Industries Stain Boss

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Location: Washington Self-propelled stain machine: CIII Industries- Sacramento Ca. -The machine is a low pressure self-propelled stain machine. -Custom designed to handle material up to 16” wide x 8” tall. -Primarily designed to stain wood siding products. Machine recently serviced at the manufacturer with hoses, rollers and brushes replaced. The inner workings of the machine are replaced or reconditioned and the machine was tested by the manufacturer in the last few months and is in good working order. It has been partially cleaned, but is not completely cleaned, but the stain on it is superficial. For Sale fob and includes the following: Stain Machine, Hydraulic Pump, Compressor, In feed and out feed rollers, Recirculating bin, Two drying racks on wheels. Machine looks rough but works well. Additional Info available. Call 800-459-2148 for more info


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