Flare Circular Sawguide Resurfacer #20361

Flare Circular Sawguide Resurfacer #20361

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  • Serial: D5 552A
  • Model: 93 GR552
  • Approximate overall dimensions: 49" W x 34" D x 57" H

From the included manual:

"The Flare Machinery Ltd. Sawguide Resurfacer is designed and manufactured for convenience and accuracy when dressing circular sawguides. It is intended to cut mainly Babbitt surfaces, but the machine will also dress guides that use other bearing material, such as "Gatke", "Chasco", "Ezy Glide", etc., however care should be taken to ensure that the cutting tips, which are a polycrystalline diamond, do not touch the screws which holds the material to the guides."

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