2007 Wood-Mizer LT300 #19876

2007 Wood-Mizer LT300 #19876

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2007 Wood-Mizer LT300

Electric, 3 phase kept inside. Has not been used in past 5 years but is in process of restoration. Includes complete set of Wood-Mizer manuals - Installation and Operation, Electrical, and Parts, both printed and digital copy.

Mill Features Include:

  • laser aligner, blade lube system, blow-off air system, etc. The machine won't be "like new", but it will have all of its original functional features.

Options it does NOT have:

  • side log loader (I'm presuming because it has the deck)
  • de-barker (one can be added)
  • end belt conveyor (can also be added)

Current state of mill:

  • ALL electrical motors fully functional: blade, Up/Down, power feed, hydraulic pump, and blade guide arm motor
  • Control PLC and workstation controls fully functional
  • All drive motor VFDs fully operational
  • All hydraulic log positioning tools fully functional
  • All proximity sensors have been replaced

Facilities requirement for the machine:

  • 480V 3ph 100A service
  • pneumatic air, 1/2" line min at 100psi delivery
  • must be under roof (out of weather) per Wood Mizer
  • best set on level concrete floor

Included Along with the Wood-Mizer LT300:

  • 3-rail log transfer deck (as yet untested)
  • sawdust blower (untested)
  • edge saw (untested)
  • electrical panel with breakers
  • main power disconnect (installed on building to power this tool; I wont need it)
  • misc spare bits and pieces associated with machine
  • band saw blades (18?)


Stock Number19876
Date listed4-5-2022