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Circular Sawmills, 1 - 2 Man

These are portable and transportable mills for 1-2 person personal and commercial use. The two types are: Specialized 3-blade circular sawmills Specialized swing-blade circular sawmills

Ad # Image Location Description Price (USD$)
17159 Alabama 2005 Peterson WPF 8" circular swingblade mill. Shed Kept. 27 Kohler command pro. Includes 3 blades, 2 log turners, blade sharpener and more accessories. Capacity 20' X 48". Does not have slabber head. 8" X 16" X 20' is actual capacity. $13,000.00
17110 Alabama Custom Built Swing Blade Circular Mill. Single phase 10 HP motor. Capacity is 9" depth X 20" long. Can cut up to 6' diameter. Includes approx 10 blades, some new/used. $8,500.00
15023 Alaska 1999 Mahoe Minimax 10" x 6" circular sawmill, 32 HP Daihatsu gas engine, includes track extension to cut up to 25' length, extra saws, grinder, extra belts. $20,000.00
16891 Alberta D & L Double Cut. 36 HP diesel motor. Hydraulics run by 20 HP gas motor. Capacity 10" deep X 6" wide. Portable on wheels. Has return for lumber to come back to operator. Logs are held solid on deck, rulers on the back set the cut required. Great saw for 1/4 sawn lumber. 200 hours. $16,000.00
16888 Alberta 52" Head Saw with 250 HP Cat motor. $25,000.00
17290 Arkansas TimberKing Belsaw, possibly M14. No power. Last used about 2 years ago. $2,500.00
16353 Georgia Foley-Belsaw M14 Circular sawmill on a 40' trailer, manual operation, Capacity: 14' long and can cut up to approx 20" boards as blade is 54" with 60 teeth, the blade is an Atkins Silversteel. It has two blocks to lock the log down. International U450 engine - good running condition. Buyer must provide tires and rims to make mill portable. Includes hoist to load logs (needs chain) and tools to manually sharpen and replace teeth. $4,000.00

Indiana Sering Carriage Drive. Pulled 9000 lb carriage. Hydraulic. Taken out of operation 6 months ago and ran well. $5,000.00
17173 Indiana 2004 Lucas Model 830, 25 HP Kohler gas engine, includes 4 blades, 6' extension. Capacity 24' X 21". $10,000.00
15919 Indiana Lucas Mill 8-25. Low hours with extension and slabbing attachment, extra bar, about 12 extra chains and extra blades. Can demonstrate. $20,000.00

Kentucky D&L Double cut swing blade saw mill. 180 degrees swingblade (goes both ways). 35 hours. 40 HP gas Suburu. Cap 10 X 20. Under warranty til January. Kept under cover. $16,000.00
16125 Maine KARA F2000 Stationary Sawmill: 42" saw ins tooth Double Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic size adjuster Sawdust Blower On line saw sharpener Hydraulic log turner Top saw with electric brake and 20 HP motor One log dropper Three thin curf saws with 40" stellite dipped $39,000.00
16470 Michigan Enterprise Sawmill with 2 head blocks and 54" blade. Capacity is 12' length, 32" feed set works. Hydraulic driven. Continental Industrial Diesel engine - 6 cyl with Rockford power take off. Includes a chip removal system. Sawmill is mounted on a rolling frame. Good working condition. $5,000.00
17023 Missouri Circular Saw Mill with 52" blade, 3 head block carriage, 30' track. No power.
17285 New York Foley Belsaw M-14. Hasn't been used in 10 years. In good shape. Has three 10' sections. Runs off of a tractor PTO. Blade is 46" across and has replaceable teeth. Roller table needs new wood but rollers are good. $2,600.00
17096 New York Cleereman Head Saw: 2 Head block carriage 100 HP Head Saw Motor 40 HP Blower Motor Hydraulic feed Roll casing and kickers Log turner and live deck $12,000.00
17321 NY Left Hand Ireland- Complete #6 2 saws, Grinder, PTO drive. Ready to move. $2,475.00
17343 Ohio 2014 Peterson Swing Blade Sawmill. WPF 10 x 20. Cap 20' L X 4' dia. 35 HP Briggs & Stratton gas engine. 100 hours. Features include Electric up/down, manual forward/reverse, Portable, High-Low Track System, 3 original blades - sharpened. Original owner. Stored inside. Regular maintenance. Also included is 5' Slabber kit with only 5 hours of use. Excellent condition. $32,000.00
17305 Ohio Complete M7 Sawmill without chainsaw. Sawmill is aircraft grade aluminum. Weighs about 125 lbs. 24'6" long. Can be left outside in all types of weather. Can cut 30' logs. $2,100.00
17202 Ohio 1 Man Bell Saw. 11' Carriage, 3 Head Blocks, Blower and Mud Saw. 50" and 52" glades. Can be hooked up with a tractor or motor. Flat feed belts. Includes 3 cyl GM Diesel engine with low hours. Rebuilt engine. Has clutch, skid mounted, no turbo. Will sell mill for $5000 and engine for $3500. $8,000.00
16885 Ohio Foley Belsaw M14. All metal frame. Has 10' sections totalling 30' long. 40" blade with inserted teeth. Capacity 16' X 22". Has small diesel engine. Includes sharpener and setter. Kept inside. $3,500.00
17370 Oklahoma Lucas Super Slabber Sawmill Specifications • Engine: Briggs 23HP Electric/Manual Start Gas Engine • Transmission: 5" Centrifugal Clutch with 40mm Shaft (2 Belt Drive) • Sawchain: .404" pitch with .335" Kerf (8.5mm) • Maximum Width Cut: Up to 108" (2.7m) • Maximum Depth Cut: Up to 10.5" (271mm) • Maximum Log Cutting Length: Up to 20' (6.1m)* • Powerhead Weight: 980 lbs (447kg) • Overall Weight: 1,130 lbs (514kg) • Log Size Note*: The Lucas Dedicated Slabber can cut virtually any length log by adding end-frames and rail extensions. Many customers ... $14,000.00
17180 Oregon Mighty Mite E812H, 1974, portable circular sawmill, hydraulic, electric engine, fully rewired, 35’ max log x 8’ diameter, excellent condition, less than 300 hours use. Extra blade, extra box of teeth and trailer included. $20,000.00
17205 Texas Peterson 8" ATS Sawmill with rail extension. New battery, Blade Sharpening Included, recent service. Will need a new or re-tipped blade. $12,500.00
16797 Vermont Circular Saw Mill handset: Combination LANE, CHASE, custom. All steel extra heavy duty. 16' carriage, 50" circle saw, 60' of track. Powered by D. 13,000. Diesel CAT motor, Generates its own electricity. 110 and 220 saw runs at 775 RPM. Adjustable saw dust conveyer. Full length lumber conveyer. Heavy duty log deck. Steel slab racks. Tower EDGER edges. Lumber up to 18". Powered by a 4 cylinder GAS motor. Everything is built to be portable. The mill saws very accurate lumber. It ... $13,500.00
17012 West Virginia 2001 D & L Double Cut Portable Circular Sawmill model 30D. 37 HP Kubota diesel engine. 6.5 HP Kohler gas engine drives carriage. Capacity is 21' X 30 -36". Approx 100 hours. Kept under shed. $16,500.00

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