2015 KS150

2015 KS150

$8,000 (USD)


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Location: Minnesota KS150 Resaw: Designed for small-scale wood processing. With the Circular Resaw KS-150 you get timber of exact dimensions. The cutting speed is adjustable and can be set so you can manage the job entirely on your own. The resaw saves time when you want to produce planed products of many different dimensions. This machine is especially designed for small-scale wood processing. It can do the same job as a larger, industrial resaw, but at a much better price. You get a reliable machine that is easy to use. The resaw can handle both fresh-cut and dried timber with great precision. You can always be sure of getting the correct dimensions and a fine surface on your sawn products. Save time by cutting larger dimensions on your sawmill and then resaw the timber into the right dimensions for panelling and moulding workpieces. High precision – low investment Fine sawn surface and accurate dimensions due to stable design, strong in-feed and circualr sawblade that is driven by a large motor. Can handle large dimensions, 150 mm cutting height. Can be moved with a pallet lifter. Designed for maximum work safety. You work securely with safe technology. Durable sawblade. The sawblade lasts for tens of thousands of metres. Once it is time for sharpening the blade, you replace it in a couple of simple operations. Call 800-459-2148 for more info


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